Pigeon Tales

September 28, 2009

Angelo brought another Homer – Hubert

From the

Diary as of  8/16 – 8/17/09

8/16 Joey appeared today again – he was soooo hungry and really smacked his beak – yes – that’s possible – while he was eating like a pig. He was in a hurry and flew off as soon as his little belly (crop of course) was full.

We have another homer! We called him Hubert. He was not as desperate for food and water as Emil – remember the wedding pigeon? – But he was darn well grateful to find food and water on our balcony. And you know what? It was Angelo again, who brought him. Slowly I get the feeling that Angelo really is some kind of angel – he brings the lost and starving to our balcony. How about that? This is becoming quite mysterious…






8/17 Zoltan (my dear partner) was communicating with Pina today: he laid on his belly on the floor in front of Pina and whistled between his teeth very shortly and softly and Pina answered exactly the same way with her sweet voice. He wistled once – Pina squeaked once, he whistled twice – Pina squeaked twice. How amazing is this? This IS communication! Pijjin English!! 😆

Jimi appeared today again – he also was very hungry and I have heard him for the first time smacking just as Joey did. He was in such a hurry – probably his kiddos waiting and he did not have any time for a little small talk. Off he was in a blink….

Unfortunately FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MARCH WE HAVE NOT SEEN OUR SWEET ANGELO today! I hope he is doing okay. But maybe he was here and we did not see him. We had food and water ready to take on his own. Water is always on our balcony – normally I don’t let the food outside because it attracts too many other VISITORS and then “our” pijjies are getting the fits chasing them all off – I don’t want to get them a heart attack….

Hubert, the homer, even slept tonight near the water pot – that is on the lowest board of pigeon city and Willy did not chase him away. Miracle! What does that mean? We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.



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  1. Now I’ve got to go get Seagull and see if I can do some new pigeon talk with him:)

    Comment by Effa — September 30, 2009 @ 4:02 pm | Reply

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