Pigeon Tales

September 22, 2009

Peppi’s first little flight (26 days)

From the

Diary as of  8/13/ – 8/15/09

8/13 What a day – Both, Pete and Emma are feeding now the babies. They were inspecting the area below my desk whether everything is okay and safe for the little ones. Would you believe this? 😯 . I have the suspicion that they want to take over our appartment 🙄

Peppi tried to showboat today – he wanted to show his father Willy that he can jump into the nest all by himself – this went wrong of course and he landed fully on his nose.

Peppi has 310 gr now and Pina 310 gr as well.

8/14 Peppi and Pina jumped out of their nest all of their own this morning and then stood on the stone that lies on the newspaper right in front of the window like on a little  Mount Everest and were preening 6°clock in the morning. What a view! And how proud they were. You could see this really!

More and more they can eat all alone. And often they are playing with the food – especially the peas – like playing soccer – it looks os funny 😆

And today Peppi even managed to jump back into the nest on his own – what an achievement.

While we were shopping one of the babies took a bath all by him/herself – don’t know who was in the bathbowl or whether both of them were in there…

Jimi was missing since 2 days – today he appeared again – totally hungry – and he ate in a big hurry. Poor little sweetheart – I wished he were here all the time but maybe he has kids on his own. This may be the reason why he has not time any more for a little chat. I wonder whether he will introduce them to us as well. We will see….

Joey was here this morning too – taking breakfast. He was in a hurry as well. He is still moulting but his little head slowly looks pigeon-like again. Before that he looked like a little vulture, half of his neckfeathers were missing.

I always find it so moving that they return again and again and ask for food here. They know quite well where their home is. And I am glad that they are doing so well, looking healthy and happy.

8/14 The babies jumped out of their nest again very early in the morning when the sun was not even up yet. They seem to love these early hours, waiting for the sun to appear just like the adults, who are sitting on the balcony balustrade, preening…

And then it happened: Peppi made his first tiny little flight from my hand. Wow! He is just 26 days old. I carried both little ones on my hand through the appartment. They were looking around very curiously as if they were learning where they were.

Jimi and Joey were missing this morning.






Pete and Emma, the grandparents, feeding their grandchildren –

see also video below:



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