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September 16, 2009

Peppi and Pina start to eat on their own (3 weeks) and a new Nest for Emma and Pete

From the

Diary as of  8/10/ – 8/12/09

8/10 Pina and Peppi are now training their wings – they look like real wings in the meanwhile not those scrubby and spiky little things they had before. The difference is remarkable – you can hear the air which is displaced and the result is that of a little ventilator. Amazing..

8/11 In the morning – 6° clock – the little ones begin their day with preening of course. The hanging nest, which is still covered by the black cloth, is wiggling and rocking from their movements. This looks so funny – as if that pot has a life on its own. So I get up quickly and remove the cloth so that they can look out of the window. When Willy arrives and lingers in fron of the balcony door I open the door and put the nest down on the floor so that the babies can jump out of it and get their breakfast from Willy.

They have started to eat on their own. Pina of course  is much quicker than Peppi and she is begging much less than him. Peppi gets often frustrated because of this and gives up on feeding himself very quickly. He is lacking a bit perseverance! On the other hand Peppi is fed by Willy and Winnie much more often – he is begging for food as soon as he sees someone from the family. He is lazy… He even manages to get more from his grandpa than his little sister. Pina has her pride I think and wants to prove that she is grown up. In fact she is much more clever than her brother – hahaha – and although she has not the same strength – she knows to help herself!!
Pina has started to go to the foodhouse on her own now and she is drinking water on her own.

8/12 Most of the time both babies are lying at my feet and napping. They have started to explore more and more of the room and I have to make everything kiddyproof. It is just the same as with human kids. So funny sometimes but also they have nothing in mind than doing nonsense…

I have made a completely new nest for Emma and Pete. It is now in a big bowl – there is no soil in it any more but Seramis on the bottom, then some kitchen paper – so I can clean it if necessary and see much better whether there are any bugs around.  On the paper is a big layer of crude hey and on top of that a thin layer of fine hey. It smells so good anf the pijjies love it.

0809xx0051pinawinnPeppi begging Winnie for food as usual

0809xx0052foodWinnie in the foodhouse – Peppi  and Pina watching…

0809xx0053pinawing muscle training – you can see that there are still a lot of feathers missing underneath the wings…

0809xx0058peppi3wPeppi is stretching himself to look over the foodhouse wall – maybe there is something special???  😆

I totally forgot to report that each evening Willy puts his babies to bed by jumping on the hanging nest and swinging it softly just as a human mother would do. Is this behaviour extraordinary or not? I have documented this in a little video and each time I see it it moves me to tears. The quality of the video is not the best. It was in the evening and my camera tried its best. The noises are from traffic outside which I could not wipe out but you get the point….




  1. Nice to see someone still cares for the poor city pigeons…i m from Munich and feed them once a week, don t care that it s officially forbidden and I get attacked by people int he streets / parcs verbally a lot for it, they threaten to callt he police, a.s.o. – these idiots!° *G*

    Comment by Birgit — October 11, 2009 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

    • Hallo Birgit,
      danke für den Kommentar. Die allermeisten Leute verstehen nicht, daß die Stadttauben eigentlich verwilderte Haustiere sind und mit den Wildtauben nichts gemein haben. Als verwilderte Haustiere sind sie nicht nur ortsgebunden, sondern auch auf die Hilfe der Menschen wirklich angewiesen. Wenn sie Pizza und anderen für sie ungesunden Dreck fressen, tun sie das aus lauter Verzweiflung, um nicht verhungern zu müssen. Aber auch das verstehen die wenigsten Leute leider.
      Schuld an dem ganzen Dilemma sind aber wir, die Menschen, die meinen, daß Tauben-Racing und Brieftaubenzüchten eine tolle Sache wäre. Dabei haben wir erst das ganze “Problem” verursacht und anstatt, daß wir dabei helfen, ein neues Heim für die armen Viecher zu finden, sprich z.B. Taubentürme am Rande der Stadt für wenig Geld zu errichten, werden sie wie Dreck behandelt, unmenschlich und grausam.
      Dabei sind diese Vögel unglaublich liebenswert, intelligent und anhänglich und sehr unterhaltsam and Balsam für die Seele.

      Comment by pigeonwriter — October 12, 2009 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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