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September 14, 2009

Grandpa feeds Grandchildren and the Bastard Pij appears again!! (3 weeks)

From the

Diary as of  8/7 – 8/9/09

8/7 Today was a very exciting day:

Peppi and Pina left the nest (while it was standing on the floor!!) all of their own – they used the  stones which I had placed on the newspaper in order to keep it in place as stairs. They even managed to climb back into the nest via their “stairs”. How clever is that? Peppi was even outside the nest while we went  shopping!

And another highlight: I gave them their first bath. They absolutely loved it and got soaking wet.  So I had to pack them in towels in order to avoid them getting cold and put them afterwards back into the hey – that kept them really warm.

The bathing scene of Peppi was really funny because the silly little bugger thought he could do it outside the bathtub. I had to put him into the water to make him aware that bathing means being IN the water and not outside, even if he moved and behaved like an adult. I documented this whole scene in a little video again:

Both babies continue their learning process by trying to pick up all kinds of seeds. There seems to be a kind of competition between them because I see them picking at one and the same seed and they look at each other when one manages to actually eat the seed. This way they learn from each other and become mature and self-confident much quicker. That’s another reason why these babies should not grow up alone, as single babies. Peppi even started to drink from the water bowl all of his own. And he is only 18 days old!

Today they begged Emma for food again but she refused.

And another incident: the bastard pij appeared again – Peppi and Pina apparently recognized him from inside the window and started to scream really!!!! I only saw him taking off… what a jerk!

8/8 Today something very strange and very sweet happened: Pete started to feed Peppi – this is amazing. Grandpa feeding grandson!!! And poor little Pina is left behind again as usual in the real world of man! Or she is too proud tobeg for food this way – one way or the other. It is quite obvious – Peppi is the one who screams the loudest so he will get first and more.

Emma has left her plaster egg in the meanwhile and is cuddling with Pete again.
Winnie still sits on her plaster eggs. She hardly feeds the babies – I wonder why. Is she already so fixed on the new generation???? Hm – nischt git…

8/9 Pete is feeding his grandchildren (really both) several times a day now. I hardly can believe this and have never heard of such a behaviour among ferals. But then – who has the opportunity to watch ferals like I do? It is such a gift and such a pleasure. I can only repeat it…

Pete comes into the livingroom just as naturally as Willy, goes straight away to the food house, fills his crop and then starts feeding Peppi and Pina. As long as Willy is not around things are going smooth. When Willy appears Pete turns tail and runs as quickly as he can – remember Willy is also called wild Willy – not without a reason – and Willy gets nuts when he sees Pete feeding his kids as if he was thinking that they were going to be too fat…??? Insteaf he should be grateful that grandpa takes some burden from him. But as I already said – wild Willy is nuts and very jealous.

0809xx0014nest3wPeppi in the foreground

0809xx0017nestPeppi and Pina (background)

0809xx0021pinaa cheeky look from Pina – you can still see where her injuries were

0809xx0026peppiPeppi sitting in front of my tool boxes

0809xx0037ppPeppi and Pina resting on the floor…




  1. That kis did other stupid things. for eg. he spitting water on them. It wasn’t cool and funny.

    Comment by aniaosinska — September 15, 2009 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

    • Did anyone stop that stupid kid or did people just watch and do nothing – as usual?

      Comment by pigeonwriter — September 16, 2009 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

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