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August 30, 2009

The Shower Cap Tradition is continued (8 days) and Angelo is sitting on my Hand

From the

Diary as of  7/29/ – 7/30/09

7/29 Today I discovered that both babies will have a few white feathers on their heads – so the shower cap tradition will be continued.You remember – Willy (the father) has a nickname: Shower Cap Willy because of his white feathers on his head! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Peppi will have white wing feathers and a totally white tushie. I cannot regognize though how Pina will be coloured. This is too early. But at least it is quite clear that both have completely different personalities: Peppi has his father Willy’s genes – always chatty, always moving around but not anxious. Peppi is not aggressive though as his father was, who was always picking at my fingers first before he realized how good this is –  getting stroked softly on one’s head.  Peppi is friendly and sweet. Pina is the calmer, the one who seems to think more, the little philosopher and she gets teased by her brother all the time.

7/30 Peppi and Pina are doing very well. They are awfully chatty – lol – so sweet and they are moving around a lot. I will have to be careful.

Today I tried to teach them to drink water – at least both swallowed – they seemed to be thirsty because it is quite warm and windy. The parents are leaving them alone quite often. Too often already for my taste.

Peppi is now 275 gr and Pina 250 gr – on the pics they are now 8/7 days old!





Also today:

Angelo is carrying his name proudly and with every right – he is so intelligent and sweet. Today he sat on my bycicle again on the handle bar and I approached him with his favourite food: sunflower hearts of course. I let him pick up 2 or 3 seeds and then moved my hand a little bit further away so that he could hardly reach the seeds. I let him pick another one. Then I moved my hand even further so that he could not reach it any more and so he decided to jump on my hand and eat from there. What a clever boy and what a feeling. To have a feral pigeon on my hand whom I did not “raise” from the beginning. He even stayed there after he had eaten all seeds. So I could even walk with him on my hand a few steps until he decided to take off. What a moment!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



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