Pigeon Tales

August 25, 2009

Emma is okay again and Willy’s new Babies have hatched!

From the

Diary as of  7/15/ – 7/21/09

7/15  – 7/18 Emma’s poop is  still a bit thin but she seems to be okay again. I am so happy. She recovered very quickly.

7/18 Big highlight of today was: Angelo jumped on my hand in order to eat his beloved seeds directly there !! I tried this a couple of times, laying my hand with the seeds on the balustrade as usual and then moving it slowly further away until he could not reach it any more, making his neck as long as possible without falling fromthe balustrade. So he had to make a decision – either no seeds any more or jumping on my hand to reach them again. I know – I was mean but it worked:  today he was couragious and jumped on my hand. What a feeling this is.

Joey not coming for breakfast….

7/20 Yippee – Willy’s first baby of the second clutch has hatched during the night. Sooooo tiny but so full of golden hair….. thank heaven it is warm again!

7/21 Second baby hatched too – how wonderful. Willy is behaving like a berserk – protecting his precious nest and fighting everything and everyone who dares to come near.

Joey appeared this morning again to get food!

Emma laid an egg: it is #26! She will be ruining her little body if she continues like this…

And now I want to introduce Peppi and Pina to you:



0721xxx0026day1Now look at these lots and lots of golden “fur” – 😛



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