Pigeon Tales

August 20, 2009

Yippee – Emma is on the way of Recovery

From the

Diary as of  7/8/ – 7/14/09

7/8 In the early morning (around 6 °clock) Emma and Pete were gone, browsing. So she must have felt better when she was gone. A good sign!! When they came back, I saw that she was breathing heavily again but that improved very quickly. I suppose that she had lost some of her strength and had to regain that. As we all know, the  same happens with humans when they are sick. After she had calmed down I saw that she could breathe again with closed beak and her little body did not shake any more up and down while breathing as it did before. So this was definitely an improvement. I was so relieved.

7/9 This morning we had to go to the nice lady doctor again for a new check-up. I caught her in the little nest in pigeon city. It went quite quick as if Emma knew that I only wanted to help her. Same procedure: into the cardbox and off we went. Emma got another pill, a medication against round worms called Ascaridia – just in case. The doctor looked at her poop which was still very thin and fluid. But then Emma had not eaten much but had drunk more. But she was definitely more vivid and cuddled with Pete again. So the doctor seemed to be content and me too.

There was no way to catch Pete as well though and I told the doctor that I had no chance but I brought her a probe of Pete’s poop as well which she said looked perfectly okay although his is always not so very solid. So no worries about this.

7/10 The next day Emma started to eat more and also her poop became a bit more solid now. Geez – if someone would have told me that I was going to check out pigeon poop one day – I would have called him nuts!!!

7/11  It’s Saturday and we drove to the doctor again for a last check-up. Emma received another pill – Bird Bene Bac – for her gut flora and was released. I was so happy that she was on the way of anastasis – Pete probably too because the first thing he did when we were back was mounting her – MEN!!!!

7/12 Emma seems to be perfectly ok again – only caughed once but she breathed normal.

So she sat on her little posts seemingly quite content in pigeon city again…





7/13 Today I thought I do something special for “my” pijjies: I bought hey, real mountain hey which smells just wonderfully and the pijjies loved it.  Willy immediately put it under his belly while sitting on the eggs – he did not even puff when I put it into the nest in front of him. The hey was used in a minute!!

I also put a handful of hey in each empty hanging flower pot – you just should have seen their surprise – they love love love it!!!

7/14 Angelo discovered a new favourite place: sitting in one of the bowls – with the fresh hey….



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