Pigeon Tales

August 15, 2009

Emil, the wedding pigeon, is missing and Winnie laid new Eggs

From the

Diary as of  7/1/ – 7/4/09

7/1 Angelo, Willy’s first little son,  delivered another proof of his intelligence – he was chased by the Willy and Winny, his parents,  and could not get to the seeds. So I went out on the balcony to the stepper (the trainer of my dear partner) and stood there, my hand on the rail with the seeds.  I called Angelo, showed him the seeds and he immediately understood and came flying to the rail in order to eat from my hand like a flash.  Isn’t this cute?

7/2 Emil is missing since 2 days – don’t know where he is. This is unusual because he normally appears every day to get his seeds. Mr. Santos, the owner from Switzerland has not called either. Apparently he forgot about my message. Well – I cannot do anything about it and now that Emial is gone nothing at all.

Winnie has laid a new egg – it is #5. That came quickly.  After she abandoned her plaster egg on the 28th – she is already sitting on a new one. I only hope that she does not want to surpass her mother Emma, who is a real egg laying machine. I really don’t know how she can cope with it. but what can I do. I regularly replace the eggs by plaster eggs so that the breeding cycle is lengthened anyway and still she is producing one after another. This cannot be healthy for her. I wonder whether there is a possibility to do something about it.

7/3 I have found a new feeding technique in order to avoid too much seed spilling and fighting about the food – a little plastic pot with a sock over it and then a hole cut into it! The pijjies love it – they stick their little heads really into the pot and eat.This way they can scrabble about in the food without spilling the whole stuff allover and they stopped to chase one another around which is a very good thing. No jealousy any more.

7/4 Winnie has laid her second egg during the day – which is #6 now. I wonder what will come out of these. I decided to let her breed instead of Emma and Pete. For health reasons, because Pete still has a bit diarrhea. I don’t think that he is really sick but you can never know what’s happening with the babies then. I don’t want to lose again some babies – I simply could not go through this again.

All behaving a bit crazy today – they are all nuts. Flying around like crazy and chasing each other. Pete is in the middle of it and he seems not to be sick at all. I don’t understand this! What are they up to?

Here are some more images from their eating from the little foodie pots:





Btw – these old socks have been washed – “our” pijjies do not eat from stinky old socks !!  :mrgreen:



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