Pigeon Tales

August 7, 2009

Emil is a Wedding Pigeon and he is gone again!

From the

Diary as of 6/25  – 6/30/09

6/25 Today I discovered who the owner of Emil is and that Emil is a wedding pigeon! – How about this? This means he is trained to fly home after he has been released from the cage at a wedding. It was quite a story how I found out about this. I (my dear partner) found the name of the owner on the internet. Unfortunately I could not detect an email address but I found his name on a website who is organizing weddings with pigeons. So I wrote to this company, telling them about the story of Emil and whether they could contact the owner. They actually did and told me that he (the owner) was very glad to hear about Emil and his well being. I also left my phone number but was never called back. So I assume that the owner was not sooooo very much interested in his bird – I don’t know.

6/26 Pete has diarrhea (like water) again but he does not appear to be sick. At least I could not realize that anything was strange in his behaviour or from external view.  He was feeding some sunflower seeds – about 20 gr but I did not see how much else.

Blessy appears each day at the moment, as well as Jimi and Joey. Joey is in the moult and Jimi still has that worn look in the face. Will he ever get that nice smooth face again?

6/28 Winnie realized that nothing will hatch from her egg – so she left it and I took it away for the next cylce.

6/29 Pete has diarrhrea again – I am really worried and do not know what I should do. I think this awful weather is the reason. Now it is becoming warm again and I hope very much that Pete is becoming well again soon. Poor Pete. If anything is getting worse I have to look for a veterinarian.

Angelo is picking at my hand again. He always does this first before he starts to eat. He really has a tic. He is such a clown and I love him!

6/30 Nothing really new – besides Emma has left her plaster egg too. In the meanwhile she also realizes quite quickly when noting will hatch. I think that she is quite relieved. She can cuddle with Pete again and they can sleep together. So much nicer. Who wants to be alone….

Emil is missing for the first time. Since the last 2 weeks he appeared each day on our balcony to get his breakfast and dinner! I suspect that he is gone again after he fuelled… I miss him a lot. He was such a sweet little bugger. A very gentle pigeon. I really hope that he is okay. Maybe he has found a girlfriend. I am sure he has learned to survive after he has made it after that injury on his chest. The lumb was noticably smaller when I saw him for the last time. Maybe he has flown home again to Switzerland…







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