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August 6, 2009

Blessy is back and the Pijjies have their Moods

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Diary as of 6/23/ – 6/24/09

Joey is sleeping in pigeoncity since 2 days – the weather is so awful – raining and raining and raining and he is in the moult.  Pete also seems to be very depressed – he is hardly eating. He does not even quarrel much with the foreigners who do not belong on our balcony. I really hope that he is not sick.

It is quite apparent: pigeons have their moods just like humans. It is unbelievable but they seem to know depressive feeling. If we only could communicate with them – many things would be so much easier. Maybe I am a little bit crazy about all this but then I simply don’t care. I KNOW that these wonderful birds are more than just wild animals. Every one of them has his and her own personality and there are days where they are feeling bad and there are days where they feel a whole lot of joy. You can simply see this.

If you only could see Angelo flying on a bright sunny day. He is showboating, he behaves like dolphins who are surfing on a wave. Clearly they have fun – a lot of fun! So do the piggies. I only wished I could fly with them together….

Blessy appeared today on the balcony again after such a long time – and he seems to be doing well.

Angelo, our little icebear, is becoming more and more trusty – he sat on the stepper’s railing and ate the seeds from my hand again (see last post). Willy became jealous and chased him away. Silly Willy but Angelo came back soon and continued eating.

Jimi is coming every day at the moment too – eating from the seeds. From the bowl with the old sock…

This is a photo of Blessy with his colourful plumage:





  1. God Bless Blessy for her sweetness and gentle ways!

    I truly love what you are saying about the intelligence of these feathered friends and you are by no means alone. David Roth, president and founder of the Urban Wildlife Society of Phoenix, AZ, who is in my opinion, (if you read his material)of genius level, feels exactly the same way. I got a real kick out of reading about his pigeon Barnie whom he brought home after he was stuck by a car and rehabed him. Barnie loves to play a game called “five-fingered spidie” where Dave pretends that his hand (w. 5 fingers) is a spider, about to eat Barnie’s food. Barnie beats the crap out of his hand, then stands triumphantly on Dave’s deliberately flattened hand and gloats, and coos his cute, silly head of. Dave claims he loves to play this game 4-5 times a day. Dave swears he grins in delight. You may wish to read Dave Roth’s story of Barnie at The Urban Wildlife Societie’s Web site.

    Comment by lindylou — August 11, 2009 @ 1:47 am | Reply

    • Hi lindylou,
      thank you for the website address. I actually had it bookmarked already – I only forgot to add it to my link list. The story of Bernie is breathtaking but I think the author is Raymond P. Buchholz. I love this story very much and I wished more people would know about it.

      Comment by pigeonwriter — August 11, 2009 @ 6:07 pm | Reply

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