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July 26, 2009

Angelo playing in the Sandbox and Mr. Black returned

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From the

Diary as of 6/19/ – 6/20/09

6/19 Such lovely weather today – very warm – and the pigeons are happy. They do what they love most to do:  flying the whole day – so hardly anyone is appearing on the balcony.

Angelo was such a fun though today. Somehow he loves to be with us when we sit on the balcony. I was on my sunchair and watched Angelo playing in the little sandbox which I always fill with grit so that the piggies can eat those little stones for their digestion. I am buying parrot grit with oyster shells and I know that I probably don’t need to do this because they all can have free access in the wild but never mind.  He “worked” in that bowl like a berserk so that real dustclouds appeared. Was sooo funny to watch how he jerked his little head to and fro in order to find the perfect grain of sand – so it seemed. Very messy but very sweet!

I love this little guy – he is sooo sweet . Especially when he sits in pigeoncity in the long basket, makes his head feathers really plushy – he then looks like a little icebear.

Or when he sits like this, taking a little nap…







6/20 Mr. Black is here again. You remember – the one with the two spleens: one is always parking one foot beneath the belly and the other one wobbling with his long neck when he gets excited. After all these weeks where he did not appear he immediately knew again where once the “feeding swan” was – on the board directly beneath my window. Amazing!

Jimi appeared this morning too to get some food and especially his sunflower seeds. So cute. It’s the same ritual I am do each morning with Joey – I put the saucer on the balcony balustrade and my hand right and left to it to protect him from disturbances from Pete and Willy who cannot stand that I am feeding the both. Okay, I know, it’s for territorial reasons but I love my old babies as well and they know that this is their home where they can return to any time. And they do.

Today I witnessed another very young pigeon who looks similar to our little angel Angelo but instead of greys and white he had all browns and white. Very beautiful also and I hope to see him again…

Today the weather is absolutely awful – raining the whole day and the piggies are in very bad mood – it’s the same as with humans…

Pete and Willy are continulously chasing off foreign pigeons which is good in one way because otherwise all these are steeling the food   👿





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