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July 23, 2009

Emil – the Homer from Switzerland

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From the

Diary as of  6/17 – 6/19/09

6/17 We have a new visitor: Emil from Switzerland. He is a homer pigeon. He has 2 rings on his feet. Angelo brought him. At least so it seemed. He seemed to be exhausted, totally hungry and thirsty. So I put the the feeding saucer in front of him on the balcony balustrade and he immediately began to eat.  Then I got the water bowl, showed him that there was water in it by putting my hand into the water and let it run down from my fingers – he immediately understood, went straight away to the bowl and drank and drank and drank. I already thought he would never stop again. Apparently he was near to starving. I had big sympathy for the little guy. He was quite docile and did not shy away when I stood beside him. I then realized that he had something on the left side of his chest – the feathers were clumped together but I could not see what it was. So I thought I would try to catch him in the next days in order to check this out, after he got used to me a bit more, assuming that he would come back for food and water.

And he did!

6/19 Two days later I really could catch him and check what it was on his chest. Apparently it was a bad injury but it was healing. That’s why the feathers were clunked together. So I let him go again.

Of course he was angry about my catch so he would not come near to me the next day. Obviously he mistrusted me now. Good for him. That would help him to survive. I assume that he got caught by a predator or a big dog because the injury loooked like a bite or he got caught in some trap. I don’t know. But I am sure that injury will heal completely and the little guy will be okay again. In the meanwhile he appears each day on our balcony and takes his food and drink. He seems to feel at home here and we watch him flying around with the other pigeons that live here.

In the meanwhile he trusts me again and takes his seed even from my hand. Apparently he does not resent me any more although he is very careful which is good.





And how we tried to find the owner comes in one of the next posts. It is quite a story – so stay tuned…



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