Pigeon Tales

July 21, 2009

Pete has Diarrhea and Angelo discovered the Basket!

From the

Diary as of  6/10/ – 6/16/09

6/10 Emma has laid egg #24 and Pete has diarrhea. I am a bit worried that he might be sick. After we had two babies who died, my innocence is gone i.e. each time when something looks strange I am worried now. All the time in the past everything was okay and we had not to worry about a thing and now – it’s different. Pete has had diarrhea before – some time ago last year –  it took about a week and then was gone. I think it’s the second or 3rd day now – I did not realize when it actually started.

6/11 Pete still has diarrhea but I think it is nothing really to worry about. His behaviour is as usual, fighting with the foreigners, defending his territory and nest and sitting on the egg when Emma is gone.

6/12 Diarrhea is much better. I think Pete is not really sick – probably it’s a regular infection all pigeons have from time to time. I cannot do anything but cleaning up thoroughly and I am spraying everything with vinegar which is great for disinfection and much healthier than all those chemicals.  Nature cures a lot herself – one should only let her instead of intervening with all that hard chemical stuff. These are feral pigeons – I could not do anything else anyway.

6/13 Emma has a little diarrhea as well – not as bad as Pete – but just a little bit. So I think she’s got the same infection. Btw – she also laid her second egg which is #25! I replaced both eggs by one plaster egg. Winnie is sitting on the other one. Think I have to make some new ones…

6/14 – 6/15 Jimi is missing again – while Joey appears each morning and mostly once more during the day to request his food. I am so glad that he appears now regularlyagain.

Always the same ritual: I call him, put the little saucer in front of him and hold my hands on each side on the balustrade – that hinders Pete and Willy to disturb him and chase him away – so that he can eat quite in peace.

6/16 It is  warm and Angelo finally discovered the basket. I actually do not know why this stupid old basket is such a desired object for all the pigeons so that they really fight for it who’s gona sit in it – LOL. Today it is Angelo’s…

Look at this feisty little cheeky guy sitting on his grandpa’s sleeping place – if he (Pete) only doesn’t realize this – oh my…



and here is the famous basket….




And this is mother Winnie and son Angelo:




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