Pigeon Tales

July 14, 2009

Winnie and Willy “breeding” Plaster Eggs and Wally wiggles

From the

Diary as of 6/6/ – 6/8/09

6/6 Winnie laid egg #3 tonight – I replaced it now by a plaster egg. Willy is sloppy. He often jumps from the egg to fight off the “enemies” (foreign pigeons which do not belong on the balcony in his opinion) and the egg gets cold! I wonder how they both managed to create such a lovely baby pigeon like Angelo when Willy is such a nuisance.

6/7 Winnie laid the second egg now which is #4 – I replaced it also by a plaster egg.

Big hail storm this early evening. Pete jumped into the nest to check on his little Wally and whether he was okay. He was! 5 other pigeons came on our balcony  besides ours – to seek shelter from the hail and heavy rain. So sweet too.

Willy is behaving like crazy whenever foreign pigeons appear. He defends his territory. Sometimes I think he will get a heart attack from all this excitements. He is sometimes quarreling with Pete, having some discussion one-on-one but despite that they seem to come along quite well. Every night Willy sleeps in pigeon city now and Winnie sits on the (plaster) eggs.

6/8 Wally is so sweet: he jumps out of his nest now regularly,  very well observed by Pete or Emma. This evening he was still sitting on the little platform in front of his nest – Emma sitting inside – and when I approached him, “shocked” that this little guy was still not sleeping as little baby birds should do – he immediately jumped into his nest as if he had some bad conscience. So funny – as if he had understoodd each word I was telling him, about that little birdies should sleep and so on.

He alway wiggles his little wings when I come along and look into the nest. He even squeaks very softly when I talk to him. Sooooo sweet. I love him so much!!

This is how it looks like when Pete is watching ME when I am near his little one – puffed up nearly double size – impressive hey?


And this is our beloved Wally – always so curious and not shy at all:









and then – after all those adventures – sooooo tired….






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