Pigeon Tales

July 11, 2009

Wally is an incredibly sweet Baby Pigeon… (3 weeks)

From the

Diary as of 5/31/ – 6/5/09

5/31 Emma laid her 23rd egg in another flower pot. I took it away because I found it a bit strange that she laid one while Wally was still so young. This time she did not lay another one.  Strange – normally she always lays 2.

6/1 – 6/4 Jimi did not appear this morning but Joey did. He got his share of corn and seeds. Nothing really special. I am still sad because of Randy.

6/5 Wally is growing fast. He is now 3 weeks old. He is an incredible baby pigeon – he is the sweetest of all – there is no upgrade possible. Each time I look into his nest he looks at me and squeaks and wiggles with his wings. He is never aggressive – as was Willy for example, who always picked at me first and then realized that it was me.  Wally answers when I make  “peep peep” noises and he is so curious. Whenever I take him out of the nest he never seems to be afraid and looks around very curiously. So I assume that he loves being taken out of the nest. He is so alone – no-one is talking to him, no-one playing and he has no-one to have a little quarrel with.

Today I put him in a little box with a towel to keep him warm and put him into the sun for a few moments to warm him up. It is still much too cold for June. He snuggeled into the towel and loved to look around, to see other pigeons fly by. After I put him back into the nest he fell asleep immediately. I really feel sorry for him because he is so alone after his little sibling died. There should always be 2 of them so they can keep themselves warm. Little pigeons love company and don’t like to be alone. Just the same way with humans…

On these photos Wally is 2 weeks old…






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