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July 9, 2009

Very sad day – we lost Randy

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From the

Diary as of 5/30/09

TODAY IS A VERY SAD DAY! For the first time we lost a bird: Randy died in my hands this morning. Apparently he got cold during the night or was sick although we did not realize anything at all yesterday. Everything seemed to be okay. But this morning when I looked into the nest I saw that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. He hardly could lift his little head, his beak opened and closed again but no begging sound left his mouth. He was very weak.

I took him out of the nest and realized that his body was totally cold. I hardly could feel his little heart beat. I put a piece of cloth around him and tried to give him a few drops of warm water with a syringe which he swallowed, put him in a little basket and drove off to the vet. He could not help, said there is no hope –  so I had to go home again, put him on a hot-water bottle but it was already too late to help this little fellow. After an hour he died, while I was holding him in my hand. I am very sad.

My assumption is that during the night which was very cold Emma could not warm both babies because they were already too big.  So she had to decide to warm one only and the other was doomed. It was a very unlucky time – both babies had not enough feathers yet to keep them warm and they were already too big to find enough space under the mother’s belly.

Also his immune system was perhaps already too weak – the weather was so awful – so he had no chance to survive when the temperatures even dropped more during the night.

Later on we buried him in the park under some trees. I hope his little soul is in the birdie heaven now.  I know this is only a little pigeon but he was such a dear little fellow. And even if these are wild birds one builds up a relationship with them – so their well being is mine. Good bye little Randy, good bye.


Wally and Randy (with white claws)



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