Pigeon Tales

July 3, 2009

Jimi is back and Joey too!

From the

Diary as of 5/27/ – 5/29/09

5/27 Yippee – Jimi appeared again! Having some breakfast. Oh my, his little face looks like Swiss cheese – real holes in his feathers – probably from feeding his little ones? I don’t know.

5/28 Jimi is here again. He is chased by wild Willy who is a real little devil in the meanwhile. So Jimi escaped by flying into my studio, got a bit in panic because he could not find his way out easily again but then calmed down and sat on my working table just like in the past when he still was such a young one. He is so sweet. Now he could eat in peace then he flew off again.

Joey appeared also again. What a joy. Of course he was chased by wild Willy also so I stood at the balustrade, had the saucer with the seeds on the balustrade between my outstreched hands whith a finger outstretched to show Willy that he was not supposed to fight Joey. And joey could eat in peace as well. He pretty understood immediately what I was doing – as well Willi. These birds are soooo intelligent.

5/29 Schlomo and his wife are enjoying the good weather. Erwin has a very special place in the empty flower pot. These piggies love swinging in those pots – this very much reminds me of parrots. Should they have some common habits????




Look at this little bugger Erwin – he’s got the best place…


And Winnie is taking a sunbath for her beauty. Even a pigeon lady has to watch herself – right? In fact birds are getting rid of potential ecto-parasites when they spread their feathers like this and ly in the sun. The UV-light is cleansing. But I think she just loves the sun after that long winter. Animals are not different from humans in this regard and apparently love the sun as much as we do…





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