Pigeon Tales

July 1, 2009

Wally and Randy, the Baby Pigeons are growing fast (1 week)…

From the

Diary as of 5/23/ – 5/26/09

5/23 – 5/24 The little ones are growing fast – you could nearly see it. Randy will get a white cap – you can see that already from the quills.

Angelo is coming now each day and walks into the living room to the feeding box as if he had not done anything else ever. He is really a very clever young pigeon! Amazing how fast he learns.

Because it was so hot today he lay down on the ground of the balcony in the shadow – like a little dog or cat. Being very content hiding from the sun. How sweet!!!

5/26 Heavy thunderstorm this evening – with heavy winds. Emma, Pete and the Willies made it home safely. Erwin saved himself too here and another one of the visitors who often sit here on the balcony in my empty hanging flower pots. They all were quite frightened – you could see that. Head between their shoulders and making themselves as small as possible. All sitting there one beside the other, quietly without any fighting.

Jimi is missing again since 19.5., also Joey did not appear for a couple of days – since 22.5. Wild Willy always chases him away when he tries to get to the food or water bowl. So I suppose he – Joey – has given up for the moment and Jimi as well.









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