Pigeon Tales

June 28, 2009

Willy and Winnie introduced their little Son: Angelo

From the

Diary as of 5/18/ – 5/22/09

5/18 This morning Willy and Winnie introduced their son to us at 7:45 in the morning.  We called him immediately Angelo -Wow! the little guy was so recognizable as Willy’s son without  any doubt – totally white head and white wing feathers – amazing. He was soooo beautiful and so incredibly graceful. Instantly I grabbed the camera and made those photos as you can see below.

5/19/ – 5/21 Angelo is coming every day now!
Jimi appears in the morning to get his seeds – his little face is all ruined – probably by his demanding baby mongers or from fighting. I really don’t know.

Winnie laid an egg – # 2 – in the new nest I made for the Willy people – I removed it. Now they are happily courting again.  She regularly seems to lay one egg only! Maybe it’s her youth??

Willy seems to have a competition with Pete. Who can coo the loudest and who will be the chief of the balcony. Ridiculous – as if there wasn’t enough place for half a dozen piggies!
Winnie and Willy are both sleeping on the balcony now! Also Erwin – mostly in the basket on the board.

5/22 Sweet Angelo was here again – he drank water from the bath tub. He was here quite a while and then flew away with uncle Joey! What fun – he such an excellent flyer….

I had Wally on my hand today – so small still – but he seems to be very healthy. He has white claws! Emma is protecting them very much. She comes into the livingroom to get her seeds – as in the past. And then walking off again to do her own business….










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