Pigeon Tales

June 25, 2009

We have Twins!

From the

Diary as of 5/16/ – 5/17/09

5/16 WE HAVE TWINS! You won’t believe this but Wally and Randy – jumped out of their egg shells today, very early in the morning – around 4 °clock the first one and only a few hours later came the second! That’s why we called them twins. Now I have the problem that I do not know who is Wally and who is Randy. We will see in a few days who fits the name best.

Is this happening in pigeon lives that both babies hatch nearly the same time????? I knew it – we have some very special little guys!

AND Jimi is back today. He just appeared and asked to be fed. What a sweetie – he knows where his real home is! I am very relieved that he is doing okay. His beak and his whole little face looks really worn out – apparently he has some begging mouths to feed. It really looks as if some baby beaks are always trying to stick theirs into pappa’s. But it also could be that he is fighting all the time with other pigeon guys. I have seen him once with a “bloody nose” – which means that his beak’s knob was really incrusted with blood. Yet after 2 days theses injuries were healed. Thank heavens.

I really don’t quite get it anyway that “our” little philosopher – as I called him while he was sitting on my easel – has become such a macho and is battling with other guys. He always used to avoid any conflicts and rather flew away.

5/17 Wally and Randy’s second day on this world. Today I watched Pete already feeding them. That’s early. Both seem to be in good shape and already very vivid!!! So sweet both of them!!

And soooooo tiny!









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  1. My pair of german owls (Ibeleive) laid 2 eggs the same day and they hatched the same day so are they twins

    Comment by Tracey Fay — July 20, 2010 @ 1:21 am | Reply

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