Pigeon Tales

June 22, 2009

They are knocking on the Door…

From the

Diary as of 5/9/ – 5/15/09

5/9 –  No-one will believe me – in the meanwhile “our” piggies (Willy, Schlomo, Joey) have following habit:  when they are hungry they look through the window whether someone (of us) is visible, and if yes, they fly or rather jump against the balcony door and scratch with their feet on the glass – as if screaming “I am hungry! feed me!” This is happening ever again and is so funny.  You can even the traces from their feet on the glass (only a bit dirt no scratches) and only those three guys are doing this – not the girls – what does this tell you?

Pete and Emma are not part of this feeding frenzy – they prefer to eat somewhere else or take the few seeds which I throw into the nest. Apparently they are fed up by the quarreling and fighting and want to have their peace. They don’t want to lose their dignity! Understandable??????

5/9 – 5/14 – Jimi is missing since a couple of days. He does not appear at the breakfast feeding. I thinks he’s got a new girlfriend or Hillary is taking care for little ones. I really don’t know where he is nor what happened to her.

Schlomo and his wife are behaving very aggressive at the moment, want to be fed every hour or so and are fighting a lot with “our” kiddos and Pete! I have to chase them away from time to time because they eat everything that they can find and “our” piggies don’t get anything anymore. Probably they have to feed babies as well.

Therefore I decided to make a kind of foodhouse from a box so that “our” pigeons can eat in peace because it is much easier to defend the entrance to the bowl with the seeds (see photo with Willy below)

5/15 – Since yesterday Joey does not appear at breakfast either. And Jimi is still missing! Maybe Joey has finally found someone – I have no clue what is happening here. And as usual I am a bit worried. We care for “our” pigeons as if they were our pets…

Schlomo and Schlomskaja are behaving better – maybe it’s the bad weather, cold and wet at the moment which drives them crazy. If humans are having a bad mood why not the birds?


I also made a kind of private separée for Willy and Winnie with a larger box above a bowl for plants which I filled with soil and bark pieces and some straw. I realized that they love to nest in the straw which can be easily taken away for cleaning purposes if necessary.



You must admit that it does look neat – doesn’t it? This is proud Willy examining his new house.



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