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June 19, 2009

Schlomskaja is back and we have a new Sleeper in Pigeoncity: Erwin

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Diary as of 5/1/ – 5/7/09

5/1 – 5/6 All our balcony piggies have become very cheeky and know exactly how to behave in order to get a snack. In the meanwhile they jump – feet first – at the window, flap their wings – looks as if  a little dog is begging for food, standing on his hind legs, wiggling his tail and scratching with his paws. Oh my – the next time I think –  they are going to make noises and start whimpering…

Most of the time they are very patient in the morning, wait on the balustrade until I lie on the floor before the open balcony door (to make myself a little bit comfortable too) and feed them by hand. They know exactly that I am going to clean their mess (poop) mfirst and then they get their seeds, peas, lentils, corn, wheat, sometime a bit  rice, pearl barleys. They have to understand and they do (my suspicion).

Also we have a new visitor/sleeper in pigeoncity: little Erwin. Jimi no longer sleeps on the balcony during the night – instead the new little visitor took over Jimi’s place. He’s a dark pigeon, with some fluffy feathers always sticking out of his back. The strange thing is he never comes for feeding – he just wants to sleep in pigeoncity.

5/7 Schlomskaja is here  again! Apparently she has been sitting on eggs and now they have squabs somewere. Both, Schlomo and Schlomskaja, are very hungry all the time – no wonder when you have to feed babies who are always begging for food.





You see the white little fluffy feathers that stick out of his back?



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