Pigeon Tales

June 13, 2009

Pete’s 4 kiddos eating from my hand – peacefully together

From the

Diary as of 4/28/ – 4/30/09

4/28 Today they were bathing like crazy again – even in the drinking pot which I had to refill 3 times. There was a funny scene with Schlomo and another dark pigeon which so much wanted to take a bath in the drinking pot as well. S/he was begging Schlomo with that wiggling of the wings, running in circles around the drinking bowl, jumping from foot on the other like dancing, only to motivate Schlomo to leave the bowl.  It was so sweet and Schlomo of course was stubborn.

I also saw a pigeon looking like Hillary but I am not sure whether she was the one – I doubt it.

A lot of dark youngsters came visiting pigeon city today – it looked like a youngster’s meeting club….

4/29 No-one is going to believe this, but all 4 kiddos were eating from my hand this morning – 4 little heads popping into my half open hand to catch the goodies:  peas, lentils, sweet corn, wheat and sunflower seeds.

The funny thing was, when they ate from my hand they didn’t fight at all – if I had put a little bowl on the floor,  they would have started fighting again, so jealous about food they are. You would think that they are the worst enemies – especially Willy and Jimi…

4/30 Emma has laid her second egg tonight  – #22 – I will let them hatch this time – I am very curious what comes out this time – new shower caps????










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