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June 12, 2009

Emma laid Egg #21 since March 08!

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From the

Diary as of 4/25/ – 4/27/09

4/25 I have the suspicion now that Jimi has lost his wife Hillary and that they are NOT breeding. Jimi is always alone and I did not see any pigeon that looks similar to Hillary. In the meanwhile she should have appeared on the balcony but Jimi comes always alone. Maybe that’s the reason why he became quite aggressive towards other pigeons.

Schlomo’s wife has not appeared for many days now either. Either she is breeding or something has happened to her. Schlomo also always appears alone. I have no idea what happened, whether both pigeon ladies are dead or found another husband or just disappeared or are sitting on hatchlings…

Joey seems to be alone still also – oh my,  so many lonesome pigeon guys – so the only pigeon couple, that is definitely breeding, is Willy and Winnie. This proves that it is not soo easy as anyone thinks for feral pigeons to complete a breeding cycle. In my opinion this is the explanation why the population of the local pigeons here does not increase. Hard winter and other problems keeps the flock stable and the population on one level. The flock that is circling here is really small – not more than 10 – 15 birds.

4/27 Tonight Emma has laid egg #21!  I found another egg dead in a corner of the balcony – probably Winnie’s – she must have lost it after Willy and Winnie could not return to their nest yet for a new breeding cycle – because the fletchlings must be still there….

Maybe that’s why she lost her head…


well – not really – but it could have been – right?


She is a real sweetie and reading her magazines every day…



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