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May 17, 2009

Jimi is rude and throws Joey out of his Sleeping Basket

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From the

Diary as of 4/12/ – 4/19/09

4/12 – 4/15 Since 3 days Winnie and Willy appear together again. this means that the hatchlings are grown enough to be left alone from time to time (I cannot be sure about this – it’s only my assumption from their behaviour). In the evening Winnie disappears again to sleep with the babies? I wonder when we will see them and whether we will recognize them.

Since yesterday evening Jimi also sleeps in pigeoncity. This means Hillary is sitting on eggs or on hatchlings. Now we have the whole family together again without Winnie who apparently is taking care for babies. But imagine – there must be something like a family feeling among the pigeons because all of  “ours” are together again:  Joey, Jimi, Willy and Pete.  Emma is still sitting on her plaster eggs. I wonder how long it will take this time until she realizes that there will be no babies….

4/16 – 4/19 nothing really special besides that Jimi appeared one evening, fighting awfully with Joey and throwing him out of his sleeping basket. Apparently Jimi had decided that the basket is his from now on. This was not nice.  And poor Joey disappeared to sleep somewhere else. I haven’t seen him now for a couple of days. I hope he is doing well. I am quite confident he is okay.

And this is how Joey slept in his basket which is no longer his but Jimi’s:




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