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May 8, 2009

Willy breeding – somewhere…?

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From the

Diary as of 3/27/ – 4/11/09

3/27  – 3/31 Joey  is still sleeping on the balcony. Willy appears sporadically, also Schlomo and his wife Schlomskaja – sometimes we have 6 pigeons sleeping in pigeoncity: Pete, Emma, Schlomo and Schlomskaja, Joey and Willy.

The weather is still terrible – it’s raining and cold. I am still feeding them every morning. These poor little guys are really hungry. This is a time which is really difficult for the birds and those who cannot find enough food will die.

Emma has abandoned her plaster eggs and  is huddling and sleeping together with Pete now – so sweet that picture!  But this also means that she will be soon laying eggs again!

4/2  – 4/3 Emma has laid 2 eggs again. She is really like an egg laying machine. I replaced them with the plaster eggs. Poor Emma… How long will it take this time until she realizes that these eggs won’t hatch?

Willy and Joey are still sleeping on the balcony. This means that Winnie must be sitting on eggs still or on hatchlings, I don’t know. Jimi and Hillary apparently have not built a nest yet and because Joey is still not really in a partnership he has no offspring either. This is good! This also means that it takes more than just good food to raise kiddos. That’s the natural life program…

Weather is better now – so am I. Getting more energy each day – it was a very bad virus  infection.

4/5  – 4/11 Nothing really new – each morning breakfast frenzy but during the day most of the pigeons are on tour now. They had to wait for so long to be able to have their fun. In the late afternoon they all come back for a little snack.

Willy, Joey and sometimes Amy are sleeping in pigeoncity. Willy’s babies must have hatched in the meanwhile. I wonder when we will see new shower caps….






and Willy needs his extra portion….




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