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May 1, 2009

Willy and Joey are sleeping in Pigeon City again…

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From the

Diary as of 3/16/ – 3/26/09

3/16 – 3/19 In Freiburg again to clear up my mother’s house.

3/20 I think Joey has a little girlfriend now – the dark one – which is much too young still….

Schlomskaja’s eye has  still not healed – I wonder how long this will take – it is cold again so this is not good…

3/21 – 3/23 Schlomskajas eye is  much better suddenly. She is as vivid as usual – both, Schlomo and Schlomskaja, are still sleeping on the balcony – yesterday evening they tried to chase off Joey from the basket – but he conquered! Yeah! And his little girlfriend tried to squeeze herself into some flowerpots but it did not work because the space was too small. I changed something so that she can sleep in the pot now if she wants to – she is such sweet little girl and sooo young still and very tiny – the tiniest of all.

3/24 You will not believe this but Willy slept in pigeoncity tonight! I think he’s got Winnie breeding now. This is the first time – he’s staying here on the balcony –  since he left the nest and Pete did not chase him away – strange. Is there a change in the behaviour due to Winnie probably sitting on eggs somewhere – I don’t know. Maybe the father-to-be is not considered a competition any more by Pete – who knows – or Pete has given up in the meanwhile to quarrel around. But that’s only speculation. The next morning,  at 5° clock,  he fought with Joey and threw  him out of his  “bed” (=sleeping basket). What a father!!!! Just like humans sometimes – LOL!!!

3/26 Last night Schlomo and his little wife slept again in pigeoncity as well as Willy and Joey! No fighting this morning!!! Schlomskajas eye looks a bit more swollen again – no wonder with this awful weather… it seems to be a one-sided cold. Hopefully this is healing soon.

Sorry  – no photos today…



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