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April 26, 2009

Schlomo’s Wife has a bad Eye…

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From the

Diary as of 3/9/ – 3/15/09

3/9 Emma has laid 2 new eggs (#19 and 20!! since Mar 2008) – I removed and replaced them by the plaster eggs again.
I found another 2 eggs in the bycicle basket!!! Was too tired to photograph them on sunday when we came home… But the nest was beautiful: they – whoever that was – had used some of my Beaucarnea leaves which are long, narrow and hard. The perfect building material for pigeons. Of couse I could not leave this nest in the basket.
Breakfast orgy – sometimes 5 piggies at the same time at the saucers…

Everybody is there – Willy and Winnie are nearly always the first – longing for the sunflower seeds.
Weather is very ugly – cold, snowy, rainy – simply yuck. When will this change?

3/10 Today I realized that 2  other pigeons  were sleeping in pigeon city – I was amazed that Pete did not chase them away…. it was Joey!! and a very young one – a very dark grey checkered pigeon still with that yellow “hair” sticking out between the feathers.

You wonder how I recognized Joey among all those other grey checkered pigeons? Well – he has that one feather on his left wing that is all grey – see here:



More often yet it is not so easy to differentiate all those pigeons especially when they do not appear each day. You have to look for a very special mark. But often that is not easy either.

3/11 – 3/15 Schlomo’s wife, Schlomskaja, is sick – she has a bad eye, swollen and red on the right side. She is now sleeping on the balcony – probably because she feels she is safer there. The sweet thing is, that  Schlomo is caring for her, protecting her and never leaves her alone. I hope very much that she is recovering soon again and that her eye heals – what could I do? If I tried to catch her in order to bring her to the vet I’d probably worsen the whole situation by bringing her under too much stress. Have to wait how it develops.

It seems to be a one-sided cold – no wonder with that awful weather – she still looks okay, cleans herself and eats. As long as she does not look too sick I am not too much worrried. Astonishingly she is not chased away by the other pigeons which would be the case if it were contagious… Birds normally have a very fierce habit: if there is a danger to the flock, the sick ones are chased away – sounds cruel but is simply the only chance for survival.




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