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April 11, 2009

DIY in Pigeon Town…

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From the

Diary as of 2/16/ – 2/20/09

Mr.  Black as all the other males have started with the DIY business again: that means that they feverishly try to collect all sorts of little stems, twigs, dry pieces from my plants. Mr. Black is so eager to demolish that old basket, that is wired to the balustrade. He uses all his strength to break out some little twigs – I wonder when he will have demolished the whole basket.

Pete is collecting dry long leaves to embellish the nest Emma is sitting in – so funny how busy he is all the time. He works like a horse and hardly gives himself a break. Forgot to shoot some photos of his activity (was soooo solc on the balcony that the camera always showed low battery…)

Schlomo and Schlomskaja try for the xth time to build something like a nest in one of my empty flowerpots as well and Pete is going bananas about this because he cannot accept another couple breeding on the balcony. IT IS ALL HIS OWN!

It is still deep winter here and so cold that I have to change the water still every couple of hours because it is completely frozen after a short time.

Nonetheless each morning I have my fun with Willy and Winnie who are always patiently waiting for me and their social contact. They are sooooo sweet and very gentle. Jimi and Hillary are not quite as “tame” – who would ever have thought this – Willy always was the nervous, sheepish one and Jimi was the one who sat on my head. Now it is somehow vice versa.

Joey does not appear every day – at least I don’t see him ever day but he is perfectly okay. He comes when he is hungry….

Only another photo of Angelino because he looks sooooo cute:






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