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March 20, 2009

Blessy – the Pigeon with the Blaze…

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From the

Diary as of 2/10/ – 2/12/09

The weather is awful again – snow snow snow – nothing to see of an early spring. I wonder what happened with the blooming Hamamelis in my hometown. It’s awful.

But “our” pigeons have their fun despite the weather. Playing on the balcony from time to time.

We have a new visitor again: we called him Blessy – because of the white marking above his beak. It reminds me very much of a horse – isn’t this funny? He has white wing feathers just like Pete and Willy, some white spots and markings on his head but in general he is a rather dark pigeon.

I also saw Angelo flying past our balcony. It is a nearly completely white pigeon and I wonder whether he will ever visit us here on the balcony as well.

Emma is still sitting on her plaster eggs. Each morning I go near to her nest and give her a handful of seeds right in front of her. She protests (picking at my hand and flapping wings) less and less and one day I think she will eat from my hand (a dream?)

Poor Joey still seems to be alone. But he regularly comes back for his seeds as well as the other 3 kiddos we “raised” here. It is lovely to see all well and fit as a fiddle.

This is Blessy and he has white claws – as you can see – which is quite remarkable…









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