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February 26, 2009

Emma has laid new Eggs again but sits on Plaster…

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From the

Diary as of 2/1/ – 2/8/09

2/1/09 Emma has laid a new egg after she moved into pigeon villa #2.  Oh yes – remember –  “our” luxury pigeons have two villas.  Maybe she came to the conclusion that the new pigeon villa will be a bigger success regarding the potential hatchlings. Poor Emma will not know that I am going to replace the eggs again with the plaster eggs after she has laid the second. (scroll down to see photos in the last post)

It is still bitterly cold – although it is rather the wind that lets you feel as if we had temperatures below -15° C. In fact it is only around -2 till -4. When is spring finally coming?

2/4/09 Emma has laid her 2. egg! This morning I replaced them with the plaster eggs. She accepted them immediately after a little protest while I grabbed the eggs from beneath her belly. She is a very forgiving little sweety. Alays. If I only could spare her those egg laying – it must be such a heavy job to press these huge eggs out of her little a..  Sometimes you can even see that the eggs are a bit covered by blood. So it must hurt – I suppose.

2/8/09 The weather has become surprisingly nice and mild. So it is time for big bathing day! I put out 2 bath tubs now so that they stop to fight for a place – Pete cannot control both green bowls at the same time although he tries his best by jumping out of the one in order to jump into the next and vice versa. It is sooooo funny to watch them. I hardly can work because I have to watch all the time…

Here’s part of the gang waiting for the bath tub:





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