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February 22, 2009

Bad Days…

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From the

Diary as of 1/9/ – 1/31/09

1/17 Bad day – Mom died (my mom)

1/19 – 1/25/09 In my hometown. Preparing things.

1/26 – 1/29/09 It is cold again although we thought winter might go away now after it was relatively mild in my  hometown.  But the temperatures dropped again severly and it started to snow again.

So the breakfast ritual continues. The pigeons need their sunflower seeds more than ever  each morning again to give them the energy to cope with these cold days.

And again it is so wonderful to have Willy and Winnie “taking their seat” each morning, while I am standing at the balustrade with the plates full of seeds. They always wait for me although they could easily take it by themselves. Apparently they want to have social contact – it’s so sweet. And it is somehow a comfort for me, being in grief because of my Mom. Animals always seem to have a certain intuition when things are wrong.

1/30 – 1/31/09 Pete has started to shift around building material (which means the dry leaves and little sticks from my plants which I do not throw away any more but collect in a box on the balcony so that Pete can follow his natural talent of a craftsman.

It is so funny to watch him work like crazy. One piece after another is being carried from one villa to the other, from the box into the villa. And then all those sticks and dry leaves are thoroughly ordered by Emma, building a real nest – not as neat as those of other birds but for a pigeon – well, that’s the best I think. They are really trying hard.








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