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February 17, 2009

Meetings in Cold weather…

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From the

Diary as of 1/9/ – 1/16/09

It is still very cold and it is fun to watch who is coming with whom:

there are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, two very dark pigeons who looks abslutely similar, only the size is different. They are a bit bossy and self-assured.  Mr.Smith is fighting with Pete from time to time but in the end Pete is always defending his home!

Then there is Mrs. White Stocking and Mr. White Socks, also 2 pigeons that look similar – with a very beautiful and elegant pattern. You will see a couple of photos below.

Then there is a new one – Smoky – who’s feathers are somewhat brownish on her chest – I am sure she is a girl, simply because she is quite small, a little bit cheeky and Pete is courting her. He does not court any males!

Then there are Mr. and Mrs. Jones, he looks like Mr. Smith, she is a checkered one. Not so bossy like Mr. Smith but rather shy.

Then of course  we have Mr. Black and Igi, the beautiful back pigeon and a nice checkered one – Igi is the replacement of Hillary, who is the girlfriend of our Jimi, as you know.

And finally there is Mr. Schlomo and Mrs. Schlomskaja, grey pigeons which look like our Jimi but are different of course. Of course there is no-one like Jimi!



Mrs. Smith


Mr. Smith


Mr. Schlomo


Mr. Schlomo and Mrs. Schlomskaja


Mr. Schlomo and Mrs. Schlomskaja and Mr. White Socks1224dez0078schlomo

Mrs. Schlomskaja with mouth full


“Our” Joey


Joey – dancing – isn’t he sweet?


This is lovely Mr. White Socks


Now look at these feathers – aren’t they extraordinary?


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