Pigeon Tales

February 7, 2009

It is -7°C and they are taking a Bath!

From the

Diary as of 1/1/ – 1/7/09

We have a new visitor:  Smoky – it’s the smallest pigeon right now – with bronwish feathers on her chest – I assume it’s a girl. In the meanwhile I am quite confident who’s girl and who’s boy. You can watch this from how the older ones – especially Pete is chasing them. He really chases off the boys – to the girls he sometimes turns a blind eye. and of course their behaviour is completely different.

1/2/09 Emma laid a new egg. I am waiting for the second one until I replace them with the plaster eggs again.

1/4/09 Emma laid her second  egg (16 eggs since March 2008)

1/5/09 Willy and Winnie appear together again – apparently it has not worked – their first breeding – either they lost their eggs, or the nest – I cannot say.

1/7/09 It’s -7°C and I discovered that the pigeons use their drinking pot – which is a little plastic bowl with a diameter of about 10 inches – as a bath tub. Wow!!! So I decided to put out their real one – the big green plastic bowl. I put it on the balustrade – and you won’t believe it – but they were queued up to get into the bath.

Some time later I saw Mr. Black with totally frozen feathers on his chest. First I thought he was dirty again, covered with poop as he was during the last days,  but he must have used the bath and then the feathers froze. Now he looked like a little porcupine – all those feather stuck together and were standin’ off like spines! Looked so funny!!

Apparently this did not do any harm to him because today he looked beautiful and well cleaned as ever.

[rockyou id=132315140&w=426&h=319]

After the bathing orgy the balustrade was covered with ice and it was fun to watch how the pigeons used it for ” ice scating”. Unfortunately I have no video about this – it was soo funny to watch them slipping on the ice and landing on their little bums. Apparently they had their fun with this and I nearly p….. into my pants laughing.




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