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February 3, 2009

Last Week in 2008 and Willy’s first Breeding…

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From the

Diary as of 12/25/ – 12/31/08

Willy appears alone since a couple of days for the breakfast ritual – then some time later Winnie – always separated. As I do not think that they separated I think they rather started to build a nest somewhere and breed for the first time – I have no idea where but it must be quite near. I have seen Willy a couple of times picking up little sticks from the bacolny and carrying them away. He re-appears very soon – so it cannot be far away.
Every couple of hours one of them appears and feeds on the sunflower seeds.

12/31/08 It’s the last day of this year and I am quite worried about what is going to happen tonight. Those crazy people start with the rockets and all those loud noises these damned rockets make already in the afternoon and I know that “our” pigeons and other animals of course are panicking. Poor little guys – they don’t know what is happening… I can remember that my poor cat always was totally in panik so that I even could not calm him down. He was running like crazy through the appartment and tried to hide somewhere.

Piegeons do not like to fly when it is dark because I think they cannot see very well without the UV light of the sun. They are nearly blind. I have realized this a couple of times when Pete started to fly on the balcony and towards the opposite building that he nearly missed his landing seat. So I assume pigeons really cannot see very well in the dark.

Well – it went well with all that rocket shooting. Pete sat quite stoically on his sleeping seat in pigeon villa. From time to time he winced a bit when a bang got too loud but he did not seem to be too nervous. Emma was sitting on her plaster eggs as usual in the pigeon villa, looked quite nervous but did not move either. I suppose she felt quite safe where she was.

And as everybody appeared the next day for the breakfast party everybody seemed to have survived. Pigeons have a very short memory I think. They forgive and forget easily…



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