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February 2, 2009

An embarrassing discovery…

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From the

Diary as of 12/15/ – 12/24/08

I made a hilarious and embarrassing discovery: Joey is not a girl but a boy! No wonder that Willy did not want to be together with him-Joey any more! How could I have missed this? Now I am sure: they are both boys!

Remember – both were bosom buddies right from the beginning. Willy always was the one who called the tune and Joey followed everywhere. They were simply inseparable. And when they came into that certain age they started cuddle with one another, doing all those courtship rituals the same way as adult pigeons do. And then one day I saw them even mating. So I was sure they were a couple, man and wife.

So it went for some time.

But one day they suddenly split. I saw Willy picking at Joey each time when they came for their breakfast ritual and from then on they came separately. And suddenly Willy had a new girlfriend: his younger sister Winnie from the second breed. And poor Joey was alone.

And each time a pigeon girl was near Joey behaved like a typical cock! That was obvious! But I think there is something wrong with him – maybe he has a trauma because his brother did that to him – well – I don’t know whether piegeons can have traumas but what is obvious he still hasn’t found a girlfriend. He is always alone. Poor Joey! I hope he will find a girlfriend soon.

And here are the pics that prove what I am telling:


and then this happened end of June last year








Oh what a world!!!!!! 😯


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