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December 20, 2008

Emma sitting on 3 Eggs…

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From the

Diary as of 12/1/ – 12/7/08

12/1/08 And Emma started huddling with Pete – now what does THAT mean? They are still breeding on the plaster eggs….they do not want … ??

Jimi is fighting with Mr. Black because of Hillary. It is quite clear that Mr. Black is totally upset about Jimi stealing his girlfriend. Jimi, Jimi…..

12/3/08 Emma sitting on 3 eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took one away – so that she is breeding on the plaster eggs again.

12/4/08 It’s 7° C and sunny – wonderful weather – so I had the idea of giving them the bathtub. I filled it with warm!! water and you would not believe it but 10 pigeons were waiting in a row for getting into the bath which Pete of course wanted to have all for himself. I even had to change the water because it became so dirty. It was such a joy to watch how these birds had their fun….

12/5/ – 12/7/08 Emma laid another egg – I took it away also and she is sitting on the 2 plaster eggs again. Oh my – would she know that I am mocking her? Poor little Emma but I won’t allow her to produce one kiddo after another…

We have a new visitor: a small pigeon and we called him Punky first because he looked absolutely filthy!!! He must have bathed in pigeon poo during the night. Maybe he’s got a bad sleeping place where other pigeons shit on his head – now his feathers are really wet and I fear he is getting sick! It’s too cold to have a badly kept plumage but what can I do????

Fritzi appeared again – he is still tiny – half the size of Jimi – but easily recognizable from his black feet. Although many pigeons have the same morphs and very similar patterns there are always some special marks where you can recognize them.

Pete again – always keeping his plumage in best shape:





Mr. Black on his favourite seat on the poles….he is meditating over the loss of his girlfriend and what he did wrong….
He begins to loose his contenance which means he’s getting sh… on his plumage… (later on it’s getting much worse….)







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