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December 14, 2008

Jimi has a Girlfriend…and a common Dialogue

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From the

Diary as of 11/21/ – 11/30/08


Jimi has finally a girlfriend, I wondered when this was going to happen and now it is true. And you know what – he stole her from Mr. Black!!! It is Hillary – the former girlfriend of Mr. Black. What do you say now? There is no honor between pigeons… I am truely shocked  😯 😯 😯 .
But she is such a lovely little girl, half the size of Jimi, has the same colours on her head, a light grey and a very nice pattern on her wings – she is a beauty! you can check her out here.

While the weather is quite nice – sunny – unusual for late November – the birdies are going crazy again and Willy and Winnie are making love and are a wonderful couple to watch. Winnie never does anything without Willy, and Willy never leaves Winnie alone. How sweet!!!

They started to examine pigeon city… and then came what’s inevitable…

(Willy is the left pigeon – Winnie on the right)


“Oh look, my love, there is another appartment” – Winnie says…

(murmer, murmer) – he repeats in a low voice…



“Oh look, Willy, I need to check this one out” – she says…

“is that really necessary” – he grumbles….



“Oh my this one is really marvellous” – she says in a high pitched voice….

“come on – we already got whatever we need” – he says, slowly becoming nervous…



“You are always such a spoil sport, Willy” – she cries with even higher tones…

“come on baby, cool down” – he answers, becoming a bit impatient now…



” yea yea it’s always the same, you never let me have my fun” – she says totally upset…

(murmer, murmer) – again he is trying to smoothe things out…



“I never get what I want” – she cries – “I’am leaving you!!” – she blows herself up and…

is gone…



poor Willy sitting alone in his appartment…but not for long……..




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