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December 7, 2008

Emma still sitting on the Plaster Eggs…

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From the

Diary as of 10/27/ – 11/8/08

10/27/08 Everybody is waiting for their seeds again – even Jimi and Joey are eating from the same pot without quarreling which is a miracle. Normally they don’t love each other very much – 😦

Mr. Black came with 2 friends – one is the coloured checkerboard whom we called Hillary and the other is little Fritzi with a single little white feather on his head. Mr. Black is still behaving so funny – wobbling with his neck and he has a veeeeeery long one – never seen this with another pigeon….

And I hardly can believe it:
Emma still sitting on the plaster eggs and changing with Pete. They are nearly 2 weeks over the time now! what is happening here??????

10/28 – 11/8/08 Travelling again…came back on the 8th. Jimi did not appear for the breakfast frenzy – I was very worried. But he came on the next day – maybe he was travelling too and thought – oh well Mama is not here – so I can go as well…..


This is little Fritzi, always plushed up like a feather ball because apparently he is always freezing. Poor little one – he is half the size of Jimi – I wonder why…





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