Pigeon Tales

December 4, 2008

New Visitors again and Pete’s new Look…

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From the

Diary as of 10/19/ – 10/26/08

10/19/08 I was travelling again and for one week off…..

10/25/08 back from travelling – all food was gone, water gone. How does it come that it appears to me that these little buggers eat much more when I am away. It’s like kiddos plundering the fridge when Mommy and Daddy are gone.

Emma and Pete are still sitting on the eggs – one and a half week overdue now – how long still?

10/26/08 Breakfast as usual???? Who is coming? All are here!!!! Only Fritzi ist still not coming for breakfast…

In the evening another of the new visitors appeared – another little Fritzi – also a young pigeon with yellow needle hair still and with a tiny white feather on his head – begging and making noises like the old one. He slept on the window blinds on the balcony this night. It was very foggy tonight and he possibly could not find his way to his sleeping place – who knows? So maybe he thought he’d be safer on our balcony where no-one would do him any harm. Isn’t that sweet?

It was not quite so sweet the next morning when I realized that he had left quite an amount of droppings on my plants – geeeeeeeeez

And Pete’s new look after the moult: brandnew white feathers and look at his beautiful feet….








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