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December 1, 2008

Plaster Eggs and new Visitors

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From the

Diary as of 10/2/ – 10/18/08

I apologize – I am helplessly behind the posts again but nothing is lost. I am keeping the diary even if I am not publishing things on time right now because I have so many other tasks at the moment…

10/2 – 10/3/08  inserted the second fake egg – hatch would be due around 15.10. – will be interesting how long it will take….

10/4 – 10/15/08 nothing special happening. Each morning the same ritual: I make noises with the little plastic box and the family gathers for taking their breakfast seeds….

Emma is still sitting on her plaster eggs.

10/16 – 10/17/08 We have some new visitors: apparently the rumor has come around – there is something to feed upon. 2 new pigeons now, the grey ones, which are coming to get their share. I wonder whether this will be regular and how our family is going to behave. The new ones seems to be very hungry but are chased by Pete and our kiddos….

10/18/08 Fritzi, the little one, has disappeared – I wonder what happened to him and whether he will appear again…He was so cute with all his begging and flapping his wings…

This is Fritzi – and you can still see his baby feathers…but he is already a beautiful little guy…






now look at these beautiful feathers – that light blue colour and and and…





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