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October 30, 2008

New eggs and little Vultures

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From the

Diary as of 9/26/ – 10/1/08

9/27/08 Emma laid another egg. ANOTHER ONE. I have given up counting in the meanwhile.

Each morning all 6 pigeons are here and our orphan child Fritzi – who is now part of the family – sunflower seeds eating. Every morning at the same time, patiently waiting for me to come out with the seeds pots in my hands….

Winni looks now as if she is going into moult also…

9/28/08 Weather is getting better now – a bit warmer and not so wet.

Pete and Jimi are sleeping in pigeoncity regularly each night – without exception. Emma is sitting on her egg in the pigeon villa.

Jimi is still moulting and looks terrible now – really like a little vulture. This morning I realized that Emma is moulting as well. This happened nearly from one day to another…

9/29/08 Emma has laid the second egg as anticipated. This time I did something different. I removed one egg when Emma was gone for a snack, emptied and cleaned it completely and thoroughly and filled it with plaster. I waited 2 days until it was completely dried out and put it back under Emma’s belly. Funnily she tolerated this without too much hazzle.  I think this will work better than the oil. The egg is much heavier now and I wonder whether Emma will realize this. Maybe she thinks she will get some monster babies – oh my… ??? 😯

10/1/08 I filled the second egg with plaster. Before I emptied it with a syringe I held the egg against the light and you could already see the little embryo, the blood veins. I don’t feel very well that I had to remove this egg also but I also don’t want Emma to create more and more chicks. She won’t live long if she continues like that – I want to give her a pause. I am curious how long it will take this time until she realizes that there will never be chicks coming out of these eggs…


This is Winnie as a little vulture – she looks ridiculous but also sooooo sweet:








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