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October 18, 2008

Huddled together…

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From the

Diary as of  9/11/ – 9/14/08

The black pigeon is becoming a nerve in the meanwhile. He is really impertinent and feeds on the food of “our” pigeons. I have to shoo him off because otherwise I will soon have a whole flock of pigeons here on the balcony and then Pete will be in deep trouble.

The first strong winds appear and it’s getting colder. In the middle of the night Winnie flew out of his box – somehow she was afraid of something I could not identify – maybe it was just the wind. She reappeared the next morning as if nothing had happened and participated in the general breakfast feeding.

The next days one or the other of the family disappears for no reason and sleeps somewhere else. Strange…

Winnie gone – instead Willy appeared in the middle of the night and slept in the basket – I have no idea where Joey and Winnie slept this night – it’s getting stranger and stranger…

Emma is still sitting on the oil eggs – it’s the 18th day now! Later in the week a very young pigeon appeared – looking exactly like Jimi – only smaller.

Winnie and Jimi sit in the highest and smallest box and pete sits on top of them. So they sleep. It looks so cute and they are huddled together – apparently the have to warm each other.

Emma still sitting on her stinky(now) eggs (8/13) . This is 1 week overdue now where the babies would hatch normally but Emma seems to be stubborn. Maybe she is glad to have her peace…??

It’s terribly cold now and the temperatures are going down even. If it continues like that we will get frost.




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