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October 3, 2008

A Six Pack…

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From the

Diary as of 8/20 – 8/21/08

Tonight something funny happened: I cannot believe it – all 6 of them slept on the balcony! Hm – if I only knew why – there is  no specific reason for it but it looks funny: Emma and Pete sleeping on the highest board, Winnie and Jimi in the basket and Willy on Joey on the lowr board. What a cute picture – but unfortunately I have no photo because it was already dark and I did not want to use the flash in order not to disturb them or chase them away…

This morning I cleaned up the sideboards again (doing it every 2 or 3 days). Forgot to mention that I put kitchen paper on the shelves and on the flowerpot saucers on which they are sleeping. This way I can check whether there are mites or other critters… and whether theay are still healthy. And the piggies seem to like it… are they fussy????

The reason of course is that I can clean up much easier all that poop they are leaving during the night – our piggies ony want the best of course…

Next evening only 4 of them slept on the balcony – no Willy and no Joey. I wonder how this is going on.

Have some cute pics from Pete again, how he’s taking his beloved shower in the rain:




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