Pigeon Tales

September 20, 2008

Livingroom is the coolest Place – too hot outside…

Sorry for not updating earlier – I am terribly behind posting – but I continue the diary always manually – so nothing is really lost, only posted a bit later. So here is the next entry….

…From the

Diary as of 8/6 /08

While feeding Willy and Joey on the balustrade with their beloved sunflower seeds Jimi came along and Willy started immediately picking at him. So Jimi simply jumped on my arm and crawled up to my shoulder. He knew he would be safe there. Later on – while the others were fighting outside again he came into the living room and flew to my easle again and sat there for hours. He is our little philisopher! It is so sweet how he sits behind my shoulder watching me working on the computer or taking a nap. This way he has his peace.

Even Winnie came in again and they both sat side by side on the floor – what a cute picture. I love them so…

Later on Jimi flew out again and went into the bath. It was very hot today and the water in the green bowl was really warm. Somehow Jimi is the only one who likes warm water so he had the bath all for himself.

And – btw – they hardly ever make any poop on the carpet – which is quite amazing considering what they leave sometimes on the balcony – as if they knew that one should not shit on the carpets….




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