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September 4, 2008

Jimi is a crazy bird – he loves my easel

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From the

Diary as of 8/1/ – 8/2/08

Jimi discovered that he loves my easel and perched nearly the whole day on it – each time I tried to convince him to leave he came back to his new place. I think this bird is nuts….or a painter to be – haven’t tried that yet – I mean – to give him a brush…

Both kiddos are extremely curious so it is no wonder that they decided to investigate my working place, the notebook, my papers and and and…

and this is how Jimi seeks his chill out time – on my easel, far away from all that noise, fighting and chasing….

8/2/ Today a miracle happened – all 4 youngsters were sitting on the balcony fully in peace – no fighting but like chicken on a pole. Funny image….

Unfortunately this peace did not last very long – a couple of hours later when Willy and Joey came to fetch their breakfast, Jimi thought he needed some as well and came running to the little plastic pot which I held in my hands.

Willy was annoyed and started to pick at Jimi – and – o wonder – Jimi slapped back. Yes – little Jimi, the baby pigeon – defended himself with big courage. This makes me sure that he will grow into a strong pigeon who is not going to give in to others…

And this is how they sleep….


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