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August 26, 2008

4 Weeks old and First Flight…

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From the

Diary as of 7/29/ and 7/30/2008

The days are still very hot. The whole family is taking a bath on the balustrade in the big green bowl. Two crows were passing by and Winnie got a shock and …took off. I nearly got a heart attack because I could not see where and whether he had landed somewhere.

One hour later I could recognize him on the opposite building and was so happy that nothing had happened to him. It is always a critical moment for birds when they take their first flight. Easily they can be trapped in some net when they are in panic. And they easily panic when they have no experinece.

Late in the afternoon he came back to his sleeping place. I was soooooooo relieved 😛

Next day Jimi took his first flight too. He is a bit more careful than Winnie I think because he always seems to think before he does something. At least so it appears to me.

Later on I saw both kiddos on the opposite building. They are having a blast with their new freedom!!!!

From this night on they slept all 4 of them on the sideboard just as Willy and Joey did a couple of weeks ago. Such a sweet picture: parents and the youngsters – they are no babies any more now – sleeping on the board. They are 4 weeks old now!

Jimi having a one-on-one with Daddy – grown up boy now!

And here is Winnie having a nap with Paps:

And Pete relaxing from all the excitements and by the way – it is much too hot to have too many activities…

and look at Jimi – he’s become such an elegant pigeon with a subtle but beautiful feather coat. The markings are absolutely symmetrical and perfect!


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