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August 15, 2008

Becoming Independant soon and Jimi behaving like a Magpie…

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From the

Diary as of 7/22/ – 7/23/2008

The flying lessons will start soon! Both babies climbed on my shoulder and I walked with them through our apartment. Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of this very funny adventure. It was so sweet. They were extremely trusty and had absolutely no fear.

Both babies love to walk on the balcony floor alone now and start exercising their wing muscles. Winnie even managed to get back into the nest all alone by climbing other flowerpots…

Pete and Emma did already start to build a new nest – AGAIN 😯 😯 – on the neighbour balcony after I chased them away last evening. They were fighting too much again with the 2 older youngsters, Willy and Joey. I decided to let them sleep on their old sleeping places on the sideboard after they had conquered their sleeping basket again. So Emma and Pete are sleeping somewhere else.

Oh sweet peace peace peace for one evening! But for how long?

23.7. Pete is working like crazy on the new nest again. I don’t think he will be lucky – the 2 women who live there won’t tolerate the pigeons breeding on their balcony – I know that. So all his work will be in vain as soon as the women are back again.

Winnie and Jimi are now being fed only outside the nest. They are becoming nicer and cuter even. Both are now flying short distance such as from the chair to the ground and vice versa.

And each day I still walk with them, sitting on my hand or on my shoulder through the apartment. They love this and are totally curious. They even talk to me and they sound like little birds chirping into my ear not cooing like pigeons. Jimi loves to pick at my earring – maybe he is not even a pigeon but a magpie – who knows… It is so funny.

Although they look nearly like adult pigeons now they cannot really fly yet. They still have a lot to learn…


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