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August 7, 2008

Pigeon Villa and eating the first Seeds…

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From the

Diary as of 7/18 – 7/21/08

18.7. Today I build them a house from another piece of cartonage which I glued on the “walls” I had already in the flowerpot. Now they have a real villa and they love it!

19.7.-21.7. The babies are making good progress. Winnie and Jimi can leave the nest on their own whenever they want – 2 weeks old now.

Emma, their mother, tries to lure them out of the nest by feeding them only outside now, not in the nest (flowerpot) any more – this is a perfect trick to make them walk outside. The same happened with the older babies.

Winnie ate his first sunflower seeds and rice all by himself. What an achievement. It’s good to realize that they start feed themselves now.

Jimi always watches his little brother (sister?) and tries to adopt his new skills but is not very sucessful yet. He’s picking up the seeds but hasn’t learned yet to swallow them but apparently knows already what is edible in the meanwhile. Clever little bugger. As it happens with little human babies these little pigeons learn much faster from one another than each of them growing up alone.

Emma (on the chair – left) always pays close attention…


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