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July 26, 2008

Pigeon Fights…(3 months)

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From the

Diary as of 7/15/08

It’s becoming nasty. Willy and Joey have started to fight each evening now for their place on the balcony but Pete and Emma won’t allow them to stay.

I am quite clueless what I shall do to bring back peace to our little world. I decided to close off part of the side boards with a plastic sheet so that they cannot land there any more. Only the sleeping basket is left for use which they utilize it from time to time in the night when Pete is gone and Emma is sleeping at another place.

Did you ever see how pigeons are fighting with each other? They start to coo in a very loud voice first – it sounds really aggressive and completely different from normal cooing. Then they circle about each other, blowing themselves up to appear as big as possible, wildly nodding the head up and down and then the slapping begins. They lift one wing as a human would lift his hand and slap each other really hard so that it makes a lot of noise. I have read in a scientific article that this can take up to 20 minutes until the fighters are completely exhausted.

If our fighters (mostly Pete and Joey) don’t stop after a short time I regularly take the watersprayer to seperate them – that normally works very quickly. I cannot watch and stand still while they are potentially hurting themselves. Thank heaven this wild slapping rarely ends up in bruises – so the scientific studies say but I have my doubts regarding the sheer power of how this happens. I only wonder that they don’t ruin their feathers entirely.

Sometimes Willy and Pete get so mad at each other that they have their beaks stuck in each other’s. Btw – different from what scientific studies say that only males fight – this is not true. Emma fights the same way against Joey and Willy. She is even more brutal and reckless. She is smaller than Pete and even smaller than her elder kids but she does fight anyway. Whenever Willy and Joey appear on the balustrade and the parents are there they get chased away.

But from time to time Willy and Joey can sneak in say hello to us the humans, get to the food swan (as we called it because it’s a little porcellaine bowl with the form of a swan) and steal some of their favourite seeds: sunflower seeds and peas. Or – when the parents are not there – they have learned to pick their sunflower seeds directly from a tiny little plastic bowl that I hold in my hands standing at the balstrade of the balcony. So they get at least once a day some additional healthy nutrition.

Most of the time – thank heaven – the fights end within seconds and Willy and Joey push off. I can understand that they want to keep their lovely home and I have great sympathy with them. But apparently it does not work to have the whole family together in peace. So this experiment has failed completely to my big dismay.


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